Frequently Asked Questions


1. How are shipping charges calculated?

Due to the fragile nature of our glass products we try to make the packaging as secure as possible. The shipping charges are determined by the box dimensions, and as we have so many different items and packaging requirements it's hard to accurately calculate shipping within the standard Shopify system.

2. How do I pay for shipping?

Once your order is entered and processed you will receive another email with the shipping total. This can be paid through any of the valid methods that we accept.

3. Can I use my UPS collect account number?

Yes, enter the number at the cart screen before checkout and we will use it. Your account will be charged and your order will be sent without the follow up email.

4. I have a NET30 account with GM, can I use this to be billed?

Yes, towards the end of the checkout process when the payment selection screen is open choose the NET30 option. This will trigger us to send you an invoice with NET30 terms. Your order will be shipped as soon as possible.

5. There's an item I want to purchase, but I can't find it online?

Please contact customer service at We will be happy to help you with any custom or unlisted items.

6. My company or university is tax exempt, how do I enter that information?

Please contact customer service after creating your user account. We can add  your resale number to your account and not charge tax. If you are charged tax and you shouldn't have been, please contact customer service and we will help refund the incorrect amount.

7. I received my good damaged or broken, how do I return them.

Please refer to the shipping and returns section of our website. Please contact customer service and wait for instructions.