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Internal Reference

How do I add checkmarks to the product description? and How do I configure a related product's list of recommended products?

Step 1

You can do this by adding 'Metafields' to the Product. To get to the metafields editor, follow these steps:

  1. From the shopify admin panel, locate the Product Edit page.
  2. Then select menu More Actions > Add Metafield to Product
  3. Thats it! Proceed to Step 2a to add checkmarks or Step 2b to configure recommended products.



Add Checkmarked Items to Product

Step 2a

From here you can add checkmarks to the product.
Just modify the Bulleted-List section of Metafield Manager Attributes:



Configure Recommended Products

Step 2b

You can also add/edit the recommended products for each variant.

  1. From the metafields editor, select the variant under 'Product Variants' (in this case 6450-02)
  2. Then modify Recommended-Products under 'Metafield Manager Attributes':


**each line must contain the product handle followed by the variant sku, separated by a comma (with no spaces)


How do I get the Product Handle?