Quartz Fritted Porous Discs

Heraeus Quartz LLC, USA has chosen G.M. Associates, Inc. as their exclusive distributor for fritted porous quartz discs. Fritted porous discs are a versatile fused quartz porous structure made by sintering high purity fused quartz grains of a controlled size distribution to form a porous solid structure. The pore size is controlled to a precise distribution. Several pore size ranges are produced to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

Quartz Porous Fritted Disc Applications

  • High temperature filtration
  • Corrosive gas or liquid filtration
  • High purity and chemically inert applications
  • Heat diffuser
  • Flow regulation

Fritted porous discs are available in several diameters from 10mm - 120mm+ diameter and several porosity ranges. 

More sizes are available upon request.

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