Quartz Ground Plates

GM’s on site manufacturing of quartz plates/discs/wafers are available in many sizes for your quartz applications. Listed in our catalog are the standard stocked plates, discs, and wafers. We welcome all quotes for non-standard custom fabrication of your quartz requirements.

  • Chamfered edges for maximum chip resistance.
  • Commercial grade polished surface is transparent for UV and window applications.
  • Ground surfaces are manufactured to a standard 32 micro-inch finish or better.
  • Please request a quote if you don't see the size you need
Plate-Standard Tolerances
  • Length/Width up to 12" (± 0.010")
  • Length/Width 12+" (± 0.020")
  • Thickness: L/W up to 12" (± 0.010")
  • Thickness: L/W 12+" (± 0.015")
  • Surface Finish: 32 micro inch or better.

Additional sizes and thicknesses available for quotation upon request

Please note:

1.) Export Fee: A $50.00 international export fee is charged on all orders outside of the US and Canada

2.) Minimum domestic order is $150.00 before tax, insurance, and shipping

3.) Please contact customer service if the selected items are not in stock

3.) Shipping is not free. Shipping charges will be sent to you once the order has been packaged.

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