Quartz Wool

Quartz wool is produced by extruding high purity rods (10-20ppm metallic) into micron diameter fiber. This is then collected and processed into 1/2 pound bags. The 1/2 pound bags are offered as fine wool (4-8 micron diameter) and coarse wool (8-15 micron diameter). Quartz wool is useful to temperatures up to 1100C.

Quartz Wool Applications

  • Thermal insulation
  • IR heat diff user
  • Filtration
  • Catalyst support - high surface area

Please note:

1.) Export Fee: A $50.00 international export fee is charged on all orders outside of the US and Canada

2.) Minimum domestic order is $150.00 before tax, insurance, and shipping

3.) Please contact customer service if the selected items are not in stock

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